Mark is just as selective about the brands he works with as the ingredients he cooks with.



Candacraig is one of Scotland’s finest exclusive use properties. Nestled in the heart of the Highlands guests get to experience the ultimate in Scottish hospitality surrounded by nature’s best landscapes. Mark has partnered with Candacraig for many years now, to bring his renowned Personal Chef services to Candacraig’s very discerning UK and International clientele. From Gourmet dinners in the famous tartan dining room to wood fired tasting menus out in the grounds and even cookery classes with Mark in Candacraig’s kitchen. Mark’s signature style is very much at home at Candacraig.

Jet Logic.
Having a client base spread across the globe means sporadic and sometimes very last minute bookings from clients 1000’s of miles away. Having a go to charter specialist based in Edinburgh who work around the clock means Mark can pass his clients over to Jet Logic confident in the knowledge their expert team will handle anything a client throws at them. There’s not a more luxurious, flexible and discreet way to travel.

Anyone who has ever talked food with Mark will know Caviar is one of his all time favourite ingredients. But not just any Caviar will do, Mark only uses the finest French Caviar which is exclusively available online in the UK from the Caviar Club. Mark’s love of caviar has led to his role of Chef Partner for the Caviar Club where he creates recipes and tips on the best ways to savour and enjoy caviar.

The perfect event is not just about the food, the service plays a huge part in making a booking memorable. Mark works very closely with the team at Rosset Bespoke Butlers to ensure impeccable service for his guests. A butler service takes an event to a different level of charm, sophistication and professionalism.

Choosing what equipment to cook on is just as important as choosing the right ingredients. Mark has worked very closely with Miele for the past few years and couldn’t be without a Miele steam combination oven. Mark looks after Miele cookery demonstrations for their business partners and end users across Scotland and the North of England.

Given the nature of Mark’s work he spends only a small amount of time in the office, therefore email is the best method of contact for a quick response.


Unit 5, 9 Munro Road, Stirling,
Scotland  FK7 7XQ